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XML Form Template Library is a group of class libraries that aim to give you the ability to export Windows Forms to XML, retaining most properties for customization and reload them into your application on the fly. Along with the standard control export, there is also a special Object added to the Control.Tag member of items that gives you even more custom control.


You can add settings such as Required, Template Text, and much, much more. To make the form creating, editing, and exporting easier I have included a Form Designer that will allow you to make your own forms and export them, including the special .Tag properties. There is also an example application that shows a couple ways to make use of this system for your own applications. Templates for workers to take formatted notes, email forms built into your application and working directly with Outlook Template Files complete with Merge Code ability, and importing formatted text directly from the clipboard to your form for supported fields you made. There is even an extended TextBox control that adds the ability of using CTRL+A to select all text and automatically runs Trim() on the Text member when leaving the control.


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